Your computer services provider for web pages and MS-Office applications

Silvia Grauer_Home I create websites (WordPress), business cards, flyers, logos and posters. In addition, I solve for you all kinds of problems that are associated with the standard Microsoft Office applications.


I create your personal website with WordPress

After your specifications and requirements to create your website for you. In order to implement this, I use the content management system WordPress. After the completion of your site care / care of the affected arrange or consecrate you into the secrets of WordPress an extent that you can be creative themselves.

I solve problems, to help you in MS Office applications make life difficult

You might want to format a text document according to certain specifications, expand it, insert a picture or a table. You need business or an Excel spreadsheet. Or you want to make your presentation, your speech by means of a PowerPoint presentation vivid. I offer these services to all standard application programs of MS Office:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

I design business cards, flyers, logos, coupons and posters

according to your wishes to create custom and ready for printing business cards, flyers, logos and posters of all sizes.

I edit your pictures

You have, pictures, drawings, sketches, which you want to edit in any form and / or changed. I work with different programs and put your wishes like to.

Save yet time, money and protect your nerves

You can write all the activities listed in different areas of my Internet & documents service. Through my thorough business education and varied work experiences, I can offer a very broad and flexible range of services, allowing you to be considerably relieved.

All from one hand

Because I am your only responsible contact person, avoid. Long and sometimes cumbersome communication and settlement routes

The following websites I have created or maintained by me.
Click the links Just have to have a look:

Puzzle - Startseite

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